Friday, December 4, 2009

Romantic Science Fiction

Read any good love stories lately? Buzzing about the blogosphere are comments about science fiction romances. Many have been published over the years, but the movement to identify books of the subgenre is afoot. There is even mention of an Amazon tag party. Part of the excitement is the possibility of ebooks expanding the library.

Amazon books tagged as science fiction romance by romance fans
And not all of the books are out-of-this-world bodice-rippers! I added my favorites to the list: the Liaden Universe books by the team of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller--a dozen in the series and still growing; and the Esmay Suiza and Vatta's War books by Elizabeth Moon top the list. There are others. I have added these to the Dirt Poor Book Shop: Obscure Gems, with a list to many others. Here are a few samples. Enjoy!

A blog on Amazon is well worth viewing, and here is a forum on the topic.